When trust opens doors

Jobs like this are unique! It is amazing that we had not met before the wedding day! And we had no friends whatsoever in common either. That's kind of unusual...

After their initial contact via e-mail (one year before the wedding), we Skyped for kind of 30 minutes and that was it! Ilona and Stefan gave me the chance not only to record but also to take part on their great day. And they hired me even though I live in a city more than 500 Km away!

And wow! Oh, they took good care of everything, like booking the hotel and sending all the information I needed in advance. I even was given a seat at the table with them and their best woman/man!

This kind of attitude was a constant trend during the entire wedding celebration. They wanted to make sure that all the guests were having a good time. And it was also beautiful to see how some people were specially honored, including the great parents.

Even though we had never met before, they opened themselves up, introducing me to their family and guests. But most importantly, they allowed me, a stranger to come in and get close at such intimate moments.

The lesson that I take from this event is that trust opens doors and allows good things to happen, even when it is unlikely.

Thank you for trusting me, dear Ilona and Stefan.

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